Free game ebook. Free handmade board game. Free paper game. How to make paper game.

     Free hand made board game. Free ebook download.    
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      Free handmade game

Free ebook download

    Free ebooks - Archive of free ebooks for beginners game programmers on Visual Basic, Delphi, Java, VBA, PHP, HTML
    All the tutorials contain the necessary illustrations, step-by-step description of programming process, full listings of programs, and examples of codes for each stage of development. Some tutorials have been developed for programmers in VB, Delphi and Java simultaneously, they are absolutely identical. It allows easy beginning the studying of other programming languages.
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    It is allowed using ebooks for training, for work, for publications, for creating web-pages etc. It is allowed including tutorials in mailing lists, archives of programs, periodicals (on CD, DVD and other data carriers). The sole requirement is indication of the author’s copyright - (c) by Valery V Shmeleff (Oflameron)
    Periodically new tutorials are developed and placed on the site for free download.

    Free handmade game

Free game ebook

    Hand made game - Handmade board game to train mental arithmetics. How to make with your own hands.
    Hand made game - Any table game can be successfully used to learn a foreign language. As an example, we can use the “Oflameron” table game to acquire a good stock of new words.
    Delphi Programmers ebook - ZIP contain step-by-step Delphi tutorial in ebook format (MS Word .doc format). Manual on development of a logic game in Delphi is identical to the manual versions for VB, Java and C++. Includes Word document with step-by-step description of the process of program development, screenshots, procedure codes and 14 complete listings in Delphi illustrating all stages of programming in Delphi-Application [web]
    Visual BASIC Programmers guide - ZIP contain step-by-step vb tutorial in ebook format (MS Word .doc format). Guide include: english.doc - 476 Kbyte, ppg.doc - 286 Kbyte and 9 full vb-projects. FREE Version 1.20 [See on-line !!!]
    Visual BASIC Programmers ebook - ZIP contain step-by-step vb users tutorial in ebook format (Stand alone EXE file). Guide include: fullguide.exe - 1.383 Kbyte, table-game.doc - 291 Kbyte and 9 full vb-projects. FREE Version 1.40
    JAVA Programmers tutorial - ZIP contain step-by-step vb users guide in ebook format (MS Word .doc format). Guide include: java-game-guide-en.doc - 740 Kbyte and 12 full Java projects. FREE Version
    Game guide download - ZIP contain special logic training guide in ebook format (MS Word .doc format). Guide include: Blank-15.doc - 343 Kbyte. FREE Version
    Game builder on VB - free tutorial for beginner VB programmers, source code and VB project. Free download [web]

Free ebook download

    TCP Client-Server on VB - free tutorial for beginner VB programmers - How to program the simple system Client-Server in VB – examples, illustrations, comments, full listings of programs. Free download [web]

    The most elementary Proxy in Visual Basic - free ebook for beginner VB programmers - develop a minimum program code playing the role of Proxy-server. [On-line]
    Automatic Windows Desktop Styles Change from VB - free tutorial for beginner VB programmers - Development of VB code for automatic replacement of Windows Desktop Styles (wallpapers). [On-line]
    Free Web Design eBook - Simple graphic design for your web site: In many stipulations, all the web site you need is just simple code and nice appearance, well indexed with the external search engines. - Free board game for childrens. Images, guide, rules.
    Submit Link - Submit site to free web directory
    Free card game - It is an unusual card game, in which cards are used for creating a playing field, on which blocks (markers) of players are moved. For playing, you should download images of cards, print the required number of cards and buy or make a usual small playing cube. Any number of players can participate in the game.

Free ebook

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     In the course of training in programming in Visual Basic, Delphi or Java trainees are usually offered to write as the first program the program Hello Word. It is possibly right. As a rule you need only 2-3 code lines to write the program. Would you believe that your second program in any of the languages can contain about 1900 code lines, use scores of objects, process signals from keyboard and work with Timer? And would you believe that programming in one of the languages ( Visual Basic, Delphi or Java) you would master in 2-3 days two other languages from the list?
    Automation Word - shows how to use OLE automation by creating a new word document and inserting content.
    Barbie wallpapers - wallpapers are in 1280x1024, 1024x768 or 320x240 (PDA) resolution and .JPG Maximal quality.
Free ebook
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     Enjoy unlimited reading here handmade game ebook. Free e-books online or download. Free handmade game.
Free game ebook. Free handmade board game. Free paper game. How to make paper game.